Адрес: г. Одесса, улица Запорожская, 21.
Годы постройки: 2017-2019.
Этажность: 9.
Кол-во квартир: 48 шт.

The residential house is located on Zaporizhzhya Street, 21 in the very center of old Odessa, on Moldavanka.
Thanks to the advantageous location, you can get to the "Privoz" and the cinema "Rodina" in 10 minutes, have lunch at Deribasovskaya or in 15 minutes to get to the Path of Health and swim in the sea.


Address: Odessa, 21.
Years of construction: 2013-2015.
Standardness: 8.
Capacity of apartments: 36 pcs.

The new business class building consists of one building, 7 floors high. The appearance of the building is decorated with 19th century moldings. It is located in the historical part of the city, where there are many museums and park areas. 

Коттеджный поселок «Белый цветок»

Address: Odessa, Ak. Vavilova Street, 5b.
Years of construction: 2008-2010.
Headiness: 2.
The number of cottages: 140 pcs.

Closed territory, security, its own infrastructure, all communications urban. Modern overhaul, very interesting design solutions.

ЖК «Цветок»

Address: Odessa, 25th Chapaevskaya Division St., 6/1.
Years of construction: 2006-2008.
Standardness: 18.
The number of apartments: 128 pcs.

Discipline and strong project management - make only conscious promises and do not break them

Innovations begin
with dreams and plans